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The Adventures of Julian & Captain

Vol. 1 The Cookie Cure

Julian’s parents take him on his first adventure to the big city where he is asked to bring back a special cookie cure for his Nana in the hospital. As he embarks on his mission he realizes how many people are alone, and decides to bring cookies back for everyone. Unfortunately, his dad only gave him enough money for one cookie. How will he do it?!?

“Julian is such a lovely boy. He captures the essence of a curious, compassionate little dude. So many kids will be able to relate to his thoughts and feelings. I think they will be truly inspired by his realistic tenacity. You sprinkled this whole books with little lessons and reminders for us all. I cannot wait for the next adventure.”

– Jamie

“I sat down and immediately started reading cover to cover allowing the story to take me on an adventure. This is the start of something truly wonderful, this story beautifully articulated the love, curiosity and bravery of a child. I am grateful I can share with my children.”

– Noah

“Just finished reading an epic adventure full of cookies and love (and a Steve). You truly connected to the source and brought us a powerful story of inspiration for children and kidults. Great job and thanks.”

– Kofi