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The Adventures of Julian & Captain

Vol. 2 The Treasure of Fin Rock

Racking their brains, Julian and Captain are trying to come up with a new adventure. WHAM! A warm ocean breeze hits them with news of a hidden treasure at Fin Rock.

Excited, Julian recruits Stevie, one of his best friends, who has no idea what Julian has planned, and what dangers he might be put in.

Before they could even say electroencephalographically, they are cast out and stranded in deep ocean waters.

How will they get out of this one?!?

“Julian is such a lovely boy. He captures the essence of a curious, compassionate little dude. So many kids will be able to relate to his thoughts and feelings. I think they will be truly inspired by his realistic tenacity. You sprinkled this whole books with little lessons and reminders for us all. I cannot wait for the next adventure.”

– Jamie